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Knock Out In Black

June 22, 2012
In the latest video update over at AlluringVixens we have the stunning Anne wearing a black corset and panties before switching into a sexy boxing outfit. This girl is seriously curvy and perfect.

Passion Play Sexual Performace Tool

This multi faceted revolutionary new development in the adult dating arena boasts an online rating system for members to score their prowess based on foreplay performance, duration and number of orgasms achieved.

For the members with smart phones Datingfactory has developed a whole new Android and iPhone app that accompanies this new tool. Download the “Passion Play” app before going on your casual date. Just before you start to perform, start the app and place the phone beside you on the bed. The app will then evaluate your performance, without the emotion that goes with sex. It measures the rhythmic movement of the bed to ascertain the duration of sex, using the apps motion sensor. The phone’s microphone then records the noises made and rates you for pleasure given and orgasm’s achieved based on key noises it is programmed to recognise. When you are finished press the stop button and your score will be displayed.

For those not happy with their score there is a “one more time” button, assuming the partner is still willing. Scores can be uploaded and compared with other members of the sites and a national and global champion can be crowned.

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Sugar Baby

Sugar Daddy Adult Dating Social Network & Personals Site online, where real generous Sugar Daddies connect with amazingly beautiful Sugar Babies. We offer both men and women discrete and effective ways to find the right daddy or baby! Gorgeous and wealthy people for dates, flirt, chat, one night stands with no strings attached, relationships, committed romance, casual fun and more. Get Spoiled Now! Join 100% Free.

Who we welcome?
Sugar Daddy – Hook up with a female sugar baby EXCLUSIVELY.
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Sugar Momma – Wants a male sugar baby or a female lesbian or bisexual sugar baby.
Sugar Baby – Female – Searching for either a sugar daddy or a sugar momma.
Sugar Baby – Male – Hands on for either a gay sugar daddy or a sugar momma.

We deliver a service to people who have and are aware of the finer things in life and understand that good living is not a luxury, but a necessity. Dating personals that help you to attain your relationship with the comforts of a lifestyle that you desire and deserve.

Sugar daddy is a slang term for a rich man who offers money or gifts to a less rich younger person in return for companionship or sexual favours. See Sugar daddy (slang).

It may refer to a male Dominant who assumes the role of ‘adult caretaker’ of his submissive (be it either male or female), catering to both his/her practical and affective needs, stressing the “parental” side of the relationship. This sort of play can include or exclude the sphere of sexual activity, or can take place on another level entirely, due to some submissives having qualms about engaging in sex with a paternal figure (albeit projected); in that case the couple can have sex outside their “sugar dad” moments.

Escorts Sexy Social Network

Atheist Social Networking Site

Xcircle Atheist Social Network and Networking site in a broad sense is the platform for people who have a rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, as in atheism we specifically position ourselves to the fact that there are no deities. Most inclusively, we reject the belief that any deities exist. As atheists we contrast with theism, which in its most general form has the misguided notion of the belief that at least one deity exists.

We reject the gods worshiped by the larger society and embrace atheism as free thinkers and as people with free thought, skeptical by inquiry of deities, and with real logical criticism of religion and the myth, superstition and application it has on humanity. As atheists we tend to lean toward skepticism regarding supernatural claims, citing a lack of empirical evidence.
We offer many rationales for not believing in any gods. These include the problem of evil, the argument from inconsistent revelations, and the argument from non belief. Other arguments for atheism range from the philosophical to the social to the historical. There is no one ideology or set of behaviors to which we as atheists adhere to but with one thing in common we do not worship the unseen.

Atheists networking and helping each other to delve towards a common reality.

FACTSAtheism also figures in certain religious and spiritual belief systems, such as Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Jainism and some forms of Buddhism do not advocate belief in gods, whereas Hinduism holds atheism to be valid, but difficult to follow spiritually.

According to some estimates, about 2.3% of the world’s population describes itself as atheist, while a further 11.9% is described as nonreligious. Self-reported atheism are among the highest in Western nations, in varying degrees—United States (4%), Italy (7%), Spain (11%), Great Britain (17%), Germany (20%), and France (32%).

Save the Children

July 20, 2010

Mission and Priorities
Our mission is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need in the U.S. and around the world.

Our priorities are to ensure that children in need grow up protected and safe, educated, healthy and well-nourished, and  able to thrive in economically secure households.
We provide a wide range of programs, including: 


  • Training community health workers to care for newborns and young children; 
  • Protecting vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation;  
  • Helping communities in at-risk countries to be prepared in advance of natural disasters; and 
  • Improving children’s health through regular exercise and nutritious food in the U.S.In 2009, our Rewrite the Future campaign has reached more than 12 million children in conflict-affected countries with access to improved education.  

Our Achievements in 2009:
U.S. programs in literacy, early childhood development and nutrition, and physical activity are reaching 18,000 children in 13 states.

Save the Children responded to more than 25 emergencies in 2009, providing food, shelter and medical care to families, as well as protection for children. Give Now to Save the Children

Social network services (Myspace, Facebook etc.) focus on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Mainstream social networks today provide an online environment for people to communicate and exchange personal information for dating or business purposes. Intentions can vary from looking for a one time date, short-term relationship, and long-term relationship or networking, affiliating and marketing depending on it’s focus category.

Most of the mainstream social networks, just like online adult dating services, require users to give out certain pieces of information. This usually includes a user’s age, gender, location, interests, and perhaps a picture. Releasing very personal information is usually discouraged for safety reasons.This allows other users to search or be searched by some sort of criteria, but at the same time people can maintain a degree of anonymity. Online adult dating sites are similar to mainstream social networks in the sense that users create profiles to meet and communicate with others, but their activities on the adult sites are for the sole purpose of finding a person of interest to date on a casual sexual encounter basis.

Many sites are broad-based, with members coming from a variety of backgrounds looking for different types of relationships.Adult sites are more specific, based on the type of members they are looking for, interests are more in common, location is not all that important and the relationship desired is already established.

Online adult dating or Internet dating is a dating system which allows individuals, swingers, gays, couples and groups to make contact and communicate with each other over the Internet, usually with the objective of developing a personal sexual relationship.

Now enter an adult social network community for adult sex personals, sex dates, advertising and whatever pleases your mind.There are not too many restrictions here, just the usual, must be over 18 years, no child sex videos etc,the twist is you can promote your blog or website to other members without being kicked off the site.The atmosphere is casual with limits abounds. is hosted on the newly launched Zocku platform.Zocku is the world’s first adult social network builder allowing you build and monetize rich online communities.

Standard Features Include:-
– Member profiles
– Activity feeds
– Network designer
– Network e-mails
– Custom site layout
– Global bulletins
– Admin system
– Member blogs
– Privacy settings
– Discussion forum
– Groups
– RSS aggregator
– Events
– Photo sharing
– Network calendar
– Video sharing
– Network blog
– Advanced search
– Widgets
– And more…
Member’s can create profiles, share photos and videos, blog, message and live audio/video chat amongst themselves.

Adult social networks do not necessarily have to be all about easy sex for dating nude online, many users simply use it to keep in touch with friends or to simply express their sexuality through blogs, articles, photos and videos.

At the beginning of September 2008 Free Traffic System team has started the testing cycle of its new SEO strategy of getting 1st page in major search engines for the niche keywords.

For the testing purposes a group of volunteers – owners of web sites in different niches – was gathered to test the new strategy offered by Free Traffic System team. This testing team was built of people without search engine optimization experience who had web sites in the niches of: health, business management, investments, car loans, travelling, vacations, self development, computer games, gambling, arts, etc.

The aim of the testing was to show how people without SEO knowledge, by doing simple procedures offered my Free Traffic System, can get 1st page in Google and other search engines.

With the terms of 2-9 weeks these web sites have got to the 1st page in Google which is interpreted by Free Traffic System team as a serious unbiased proof of the effect from its strategy. The screenshots from Google that show the testing sites on the 1st page are published on the official web site of Free Traffic System project.

Having checked the effect from its strategy on the testing team, Free Traffic System has officially announced the launch of its free service.

Anyone can claim the free membership which gives site owner access to the unlimited amount of quality one way links. These one way links help site owners to improve SEO value of their sites and get good positions in search engines.

For more details about the system, success stories and how to join please contact Free Traffic System support team.

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From lumbering, wild farm animals to cute and cuddly household pets, animals serve several purposes in our lives: providing love and companionship, improved health and sometimes even food. But cute and cuddly, domesticated or wild, animals can sometimes be dangerous—a fact many people don’t take seriously enough.
Domesticated Animals
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Sometimes it’s because a stranger approaches and startles or threatens them. Other times, they’re simply defending their owners or property.
Cats can also hurt people by scratching or biting unexpectedly, sending their owners or visiting friends to the emergency room. Additionally, they can transmit diseases that make others ill and cause more serious health issues, leading to doctor bills and hospital visits that an insurer may or may not cover.
Regardless of the reason, pets that injure others can create financial and insurance issues for homeowners or renters, who are always liable for their pets’ actions.
The Wild Variety
Household pets aren’t the only animals that can injure. Farm animals are also a source of wounds people may not expect—and sometimes their actions are anything but an accident.
For example, when confused or threatened, many cows, horses, goats, turkeys and pigs will stomp, kick, spit, head-butt or bite. That’s why it’s important for anyone nearby to signal their presence by speaking; approach animals from the front; and avoid making loud noises or sudden movements that will startle them.
Mother animals with newborns are especially sensitive to the presence of humans. If she suspects her babies are being threatened, a mother hen, fox or goat may attack suddenly, catching a passerby totally unaware. If someone gets hurt, it will be the responsibility of the property owner or his insurance company to pay the medical bills.
The Unexpected
Sometimes accidents happen. Take for instance the case of a man we’ll call “Farmer Brown.” Innocently milking his cows one morning on his dairy farm in Florida, one of Farmer Brown’s Jersey cows accidentally fell on him, pinning him to the ground. Not seriously injured, he was transported to a hospital some distance away.
But Farmer Brown was lucky. His injuries were mild, and he was released later that day.
In another strange case, a cow wandered off a cliff and smashed onto a minivan below, narrowly missing killing its occupants.
On further observation, the cow, which weighed about 600 pounds, had fallen nearly 200 feet before smashing onto the car’s hood, demolishing the vehicle and breaking the windshield. Somehow, Charles Everson Jr. and his wife, Linda, escaped harm—and were glad to be alive.
Can you imagine trying to explain that to your car insurance company?
Staying Protected
Whether a rancher with a gaggle of farm animals or a homeowner with a house full of dogs and cats, you’re responsible for your animals’ actions. That’s why it’s important to buy insurance coverage that protects your home and wallet.
Complete your quote request today, and talk to a licensed insurance agent. You’ll get the protection you need—and keep you and your animals covered.  

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